My Body By Simone Pre Natal work out is here!

When it comes to staying fit, healthy, strong and active during pregnancy, there’s a lot of conflicting ideas thrown around, information overload reaches fever pitch so it’s normal to be more cautious, its normal to have reservations about certain movements and its normal to not have the energy to do any exercise at all! I teamed up with Simone De La Rue, the brains behind Body By Simone, a revolutionary, globally renowned workout method, to create a pregnancy safe workout that’s really simple to follow at home.

So, let’s look to the positives of movement through the trimesters. It works to boost your mood, helps you sleep better, increases muscle strength and stamina (which I’m guessing is as much needed post-partum as it is pre-natal) eases or even prevents any back pain and improves your ability to deal with labour. As with anything pregnancy related, it’s important to listen to your body and use the time you use training as a chance to connect with the changes that are happening in the body.

Simone has recently become a mother herself and is a pre and post-natal exercise specialist, so I couldn’t think of anyone better to team up with to provide at home pre-natal work outs. Simone takes into consideration that you may feel differently through each day of your pregnancy, so three different full body work outs are provided. Depending on your energy levels you could try just the one or on a very good day, you could try all three back to back!

Simone De La Rue and Millie Mackintosh for Body By Simone. Photos by STUDIO 1208

Simone has taught me about how important it is to strengthen the upper body for carrying your baby and breastfeeding, as this can really take its toll on your posture, and her lower body work outs prepare you for delivery as well as making you feel strong from head to toe, both mentally and physically.

I’m super impressed with the results of this program and I can’t wait for you to all to experience it for yourselves

You can buy the DVD here or download the App here.